I want to live in the Netherlands!

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Okay, so yesterday while going through my Facebook feed I came across the most beautiful image: a cute little hand snatching up a piece of toast loaded with chocolate shavings! I was so amazed by the pic and was blown away when I read this fantastic chocolate-toast treat was the standard breakfast meal for Dutch kids! All I can say is I want to live in the Netherlands and pretend to be a kid so I can eat this breakfast meal 365 days a year!

New York Times has published a story, ‘Rise and Shine: What Kids all around the world eat for breakfast’, this photo-essay shows many kids eating their daily routine, and it looks like most are doing okay on the nutrient part.


The japanese breakfast (above pic) seems very healthy and savory. Love the dishes, I think they may be Lotta Jansdotter designs, she’s popular in Japan!


Gotta admit though, the kids from Iceland have to slurp up Liver CodFish Oil every morning and that’s gotta be tough. I’d say by the looks of this pic (above), our little Iceland friend¬†has seen the chocolate toast breakfast her nearby neighbor is eating every morning!


Any way you look at, this is clearly the winner when it comes to my kind of breakfast: warm toasted bread with tons of chocolate!

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