Thankyou! Introducing our new ‘Granny Patch’ Patchwork Crib Sheet ©

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Aunt Bucky appreciates her customers so much that she’s added a new page to her website, ‘Testimonials’  where you can find all our customers giving their testimonies on all of our Aunt Bucky collections.

Receiving a testimony like the one below really made Aunt Bucky’s day:

This made my nursery!!! We have decorated my whole nursery around it :)’

– ‘Granny Patch’ Patchwork Crib Sheet © Customer.

So, all of us at Aunt Bucky’s thought it would be fun to put together nursery ideas designed around our new ‘Granny Patch’ Patchwork Crib Sheet © Collection.  And of course, we chose to show two very popular trends right now with home/nursery decor: Wall Decals and Wallpaper!

Aunt Bucky 'Granny Patch' Trees Patchwork Crib Sheet ©Shown above is our adorable storybook themed, AuntBucky ‘Granny Patch Beep Beep’ Patchwork Crib Sheet© and a sweet tree decal that just makes this such a darn cute decorative touch to a nursery.

AuntBucky 'Granny Patch Beep Beep' Patchwork Crib Sheet ©Shown above is our new AuntBucky ‘Granny Patch Beep Beep’ Patchwork Crib Sheet © and nothing seems to go better with this ‘transportation’ themed sheet then a busy urban scene that makes this nursery design a great place to hang out.

AuntBucky AuntBucky 'Granny Patch  Teacups' Patchwork Crib Sheet ©Shown above is our elegant yet whimsical AuntBucky ‘Granny Patch  Teacups’ Patchwork Crib Sheet © and it definitley has the ‘Mary Poppins’ feel to it so an adorable old fashion bike just seems to be the right fit. Your little one can pretend their riding their bike to the county fair/carnival while playing in this lovely nursery.

AuntBucky AuntBucky 'Granny Patch  Fair' Patchwork Crib Sheet ©Shown above is the scandinavian inspired AuntBucky ‘Granny Patch  Fair’ Patchwork Crib Sheet ©. Rustic but simple this look is achieved with a wonderful faux  wood panel wallpaper and will make a nursery look so amazing.

AuntBucky AuntBucky 'Granny Patch  Kisses' Patchwork Crib Sheet ©Shown above is our AuntBucky ‘Granny Patch  Kisses’ Patchwork Crib Sheet © with a wall decal that brings our more of the folk art feel but in a modern simple way that will make this nursery so retro.

Aunt Bucky wants to thank all of her customers for their kind words and feels so honored to have parents designing their very special little ones’ rooms around her new collection-Enjoy!

‘made with love Aunt Bucky’

Aunt Bucky

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