Pee Wee Pasture Bumper Set is too cute!

Posted by admin on August 12, 2009  /   Posted in Recent Posts


This adorable Bumper Set by Aunt Bucky, “Pee Wee Pasture” has just been listed on her shop! This set is definitely one for a little boy or little girl. Groovy seventies-style 100% Cotton Canvas on one side and then this too cute retro farm scene of stout little white and of course, the black sheep in the family!

100% Cotton fabrics and made in the good ole USA.

Machine Washable and hang dry to let the little sheep get their wooly little chubby bodies all fluffy and dry!


Aunt Bucky’s fav combo: Pee Wee Pasture Bumper Set and our Twitty Bird Crib Sheet.

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