Our Modern Baby Quilts have arrived-Come take a peek!

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Aunt Bucky Modern Baby QuiltsThere here! Our supah cute Modern Baby Quilts have arrived! Come take a peek!

Six new designs for both little boys + girls, little girls, and little boys! All made with 100% cotton and embellished with our signature ribbon tie, ‘made with love Aunt Bucky’…..

Aunt Bucky Modern Baby Quilt-GaGa Farm‘GaGa Farm’ Modern  Baby Quilt is 30″ x 40″ and is beautifully designed with wonderful shades of pinks and blues!

Aunt Bucky Modern Baby Quilt - GaGa AirplanesFor the little boy or girl who loves to look into space or is crazy about being in the sky, ‘GaGa Airplanes’ will take them away!

Your baby girl will love these little dolls so much, that when she graduates to her ‘big bed’/toddler bed she will snuggle with this supah cute ‘GaGa Dolls’ quilt every evening!

Aunt Bucky Modern Quilt - GaGa CowboysYee Haw! Little boys + girls love rodeos and would dig this quilt with little 2-steppin’ boy + girl cowboy characters ‘GaGa Cowboys’ baby quilt!

Aunt Bucky Modern Baby Quilt - GaGa RoadSome little guys are all cars and while some little girls are all about dancin’-this is an adorable choice for either a little girl or boy – our ‘GaGa Road’!

Aunt Bucky Modern Baby Quilt - GaGa JamPigs and dancin’ animals! What little one wouldn’t love this sweet quilt – ‘GaGa Jam’!

See more photos and information regarding our newest 2010 Collection: Aunt Bucky Modern Baby Quilts at our website and online shop!

‘made with love Aunt Bucky’

Aunt Bucky

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