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Aunt Bucky Modern Baby Quilt 'Ga-Ga Dolls'For those of you that love Matryoshka Dolls and everything patchwork you can find! And you  want to pass this mad love onto your little one,  you should definitely have Aunt Bucky’s new modern baby quilt, ‘GA-GA’ Dolls.

Made entirely with fabric remnants from our current bedding production makes this little soft quilt very Green!

Aunt Bucky Modern Baby Quilt Ga-Ga Dolls‘GA-GA’ Dolls baby quilt is so cute that your little one will want to bring it along when they graduate into their ‘Big Kid’ bed! It looks awful cute as a ‘throw’ on the little one’s bed….

Aunt Bucky Shadow Pillow Moosey and AlfalfaYes, our Aunt Bucky Shadow Pillow is for babies but it would look amazing on this sofa covered in silhouette fabric! So that said, yes, our Shadow Pillow is for everyone and every room!

Aunt Bucky Shadow Pillow Moosey and AlfalfaOur ‘Alfalfa’ Shadow Pillow (L) looks great in a crib with our beautiful ‘Twitty Bird‘ crib sheet. And yes, our ‘Moosey’ Shadow Pillow (R) looks amazing in a crib with our new Bumper Set, ‘Hedge Hoggy‘ ! So, they really do look great in all rooms but they look awful cute  in a baby’s nursery….

Aunt Bucky Winky Space Shuttle Bumper SetOur ‘Winky Space Shuttle’ Bumper Set is a great way to start your little one loving the great big galaxy! This adorable cardboard Rocket would look so cute with our near-one-of-a-kind bumper set in a nursery that is so spacetacular! This little Rocket would look so cute as a place for your little one to have some alone time and pretend that he/she is going on a trip to the Moon!

Aunt Bucky Winky Space Shuttle Bumper SetThis is what dreams are made of: Crib Bedding that takes you up up and away! Our ‘Winky Space Shuttle’ Bumper Set shown with our ‘Tape Deck’ Crib Sheet and ‘Alfalfa’ Shadow Pillow.

Don’t forget, we are still having our ‘Pillow Talk’ Sale at our shop: Purchase 1 Bumper Set and 1 Crib Sheet/or Crib Skirt and get a FREE Shadow Pillow! Our Shadow Pillows retail for $65.00, this is great sale!

‘made with love Aunt Bucky’

Aunt Bucky

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