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My cousin, Tara had her 50th Birthday recently and I wanted to surprise her with a very nice gift and something she has wanted a very long time coming: an Aunt Bucky repurposed Louis Vuitton handbag with my signature Aunt Bucky fabric remnants/scraps.

As you may already from previous posts, I make one-of-a-kind handbags using my insane collection of vintage designer handbags. My Louis Vuitton collection of thrift store, garage sale, craigslist finds has been put to good use making friends and followers some awesome hippie bags, as I like to call them.


The bag I designed for my cousin took on some new embellishments and it came out very beautiful, see below:


A new embellishment I have added to my handbag designs is neon stitching, and I love the way it looks with my signature Wavy Chocolate cotton canvas fabric!


Repurposing things that sit in storage or never get their way out of the closet to me is a waste of space, so I am making my new year resolution for 2015 to be: One handbag a month, or when I have time.


Happy New Year!

-Aunt Bucky

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