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Here at AuntBucky.com we strive to keep our waste minimal, and that’s hard when doing small production runs of home decor products like our bedding collections. We never throw away any remnants at any size! We have always made our signature quilts from ALL remnants pieces and started noticing that we were gathering many scraps of fabric from our Home Decor line of Shower Curtains.

Our latest venture to eliminate the waste from the Shower Curtain production runs was a no-brainer. I mean how cute are pink whales? Especially in the Summer time, just looking at the small remnants made us realize: Aunt Bucky Resort Wear!

So here is our first collection of ‘GREEN’ Aunt Bucky Resort Wear made entirely from scraps of fabric that are just too cute to throw away!


A supah cute halter top and tap short with a little embellishment of bright sunny yellow ribbon trim is just way too cute not to wear all day long during these 2016 Summer months!

And all because we just wanted to stay GREEN and be mindful to eliminate loading up our beautiful earth with more waste we took all these little cute remnants from our Aunt Bucky Shower Curtain collection and squeezed out some Toddler and Kids size combos!


And don’t forget to add our 100% Cotton Shower Curtain to your home decor collection, this whale pattern looks great in everybody’s bathroom!

In stock and ready to ship to out!

‘Made with Love Aunt Bucky’

-Aunt Bucky

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