Aunt Bucky loves Frenchies!

Posted by admin on July 23, 2009  /   Posted in Recent Posts

auntbucky_frenchie_etsyblog has made Aunt Bucky so happy today! She absoutley loves French Bulldogs and was so happy to see a beautiful Frenchie on their blog, The Storque.  She also noticed that they picked Aunt Bucky’s Twitty Bird Crib Sheet (shown with our Alfalfa Shadow Pillow) for this posting too! What a wonderful gift: Aunt Bucky and a Frenchie together at last-a dream come true for Aunt Bucky to add a cutie Frenchie to her little family. I hope Aunt Bucky’s pug, Buta won’t mind having a new family member soon….Because this blog posting is definitely a sign that good things are coming Aunt Bucky’s way-like a Frenchie!


Twitty Bird Crib Sheet looks adorable with our entire 2009 Crib Bedding Collection, but Aunt Bucky’s fav combo is with our darling Pinky Panda Bumper Set and our Pinky Shadow Pillow . All of the above items are currently available on our online shop. (see above photo)


The following French Bulldog Rescues have adorable Frenchies waiting patiently for new loving homes:

French Bulldog Rescue Network

French Bulldog Village

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