Good Photo or a Good Product?

Posted by admin on June 08, 2009  /   Posted in Recent Posts


Aunt Bucky was on the front page last night at 7-8pm PST…. We are very happy to have had our adorable Pinky Mushroom Bumper Set chosen for the Handpicked Items search “Modern” on Sunday evening! Many believe that the way to make the Etsy FP is with good photos, but is this true, do internet users/buyers only respond positively to good photos, or is it the product that makes the cut? What would Madison Avenue say? What would you say?

(Upper Right photo: Aunt Bucky Pinky Mushroom Bumper Set, Moosey Shadow Pillow, Chubby Check Crib Sheet. Left Large Photo: Aunt Bucky Pinky Mushroom Bumper SetNoogie Shadow Pillow, Chunky Chocolate Stripe Crib Sheet, Brown Bark Crib Sheet)

Thankyou Etsy!

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