2014 Handmade Gifts by Aunt Bucky

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Every Holiday Season I make most of my gifts: repurposed things, scraps/remnants of Aunt Bucky signature fabrics, and love!

I don’t like to post my gifts before the holidays due to some of my giftees seeing their gift! So, here is some of my favs this year!


My youngest niece loves the movie, ‘Frozen’ and she LOVES dolls! I took all the scraps/remnants from the Queen Elsa costume I made earlier this year to make this ‘Wabisabi’ type doll with scraps of fabrics, old white lace (used for hair), and some of my vintage button collection to make her beautiful crown. BTW, she loves the doll!


The above Frozen Queen Elsa costume was made from beautiful Beverly Fabrics and turned out so beautiful! I think my little doll for Christmas this year will look awfully cute with her costume!


My youngest nephew is crazy about Whales! I surprised him this Christmas with a FAT Whale stuffed toy!


I made the FAT Whale using repurposed denim jeans and a gray cashmere sweater. This toy is super soft on one side and big enough to be a great Body Pillow!


I used a very popular online pattern but increased the dimensions so this little FAT Whale would be more like a pillow. I also sewed the seams on outside to represent whale gills and it makes him more 3D!


So my little nephew LOVES the FAT Whale and he said it was his fav toy this Christmas! Aunt Bucky knows what the little ones like!


My older nieces LOVE my purses that I make for special days like Bdays and Christmas. This holiday I made both of them cute small bucket over-the-shoulder bags out of my huge collection on vintage designer bags: Gucci repurposed for these projects and several scraps/remnants from Aunt Bucky signature cotton fabrics.

Perfect Gifts this 2014 Holiday Season and happy that Everyone is pleased with their gifts!

-Aunt Bucky

‘made with love Aunt Bucky’

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