Just an idea I had….

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For those of you that love Matryoshka Dolls and everything patchwork you can find! And you  want to pass this mad love onto your little one,  you should definitely have Aunt Bucky’s new modern baby quilt, ‘GA-GA’ Dolls. Made entirely with fabric remnants from our current bedding production makes this little soft quilt very Green! […]

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Who would have known???

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Aunt Bucky’s Oopie Owl “Apples & Pears” sMock Dress is really popular! Another really cute blog: Small for Big has chose are adorable dress for a write up! It’s funny but our Granny Garden Bumper Set is super popular. Okay, I see it now, it has to be the awesome fabric that Aunt Bucky chose […]

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Bernina 1008 is Aunt Bucky’s now!

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Well, Aunt Bucky finally got her christmas present: a beautiful new Bernina 1008! She can’t believe it is now her new sewing machine to do all her prototyping. She can now take all her new awesome patterns (Baby Bedding, Decor Pillows, Dresses) that are created by her genius of a sister, Whitney and make them […]

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