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As far back as I can remember, I have loved patchwork projects. Look at me here, holding my one-of-a-kind patchwork homemade cherry pie! I made it using food coloring liquids and my paintbrushes. Little did I know my love for patchwork would evolve to and my 2014 New Years Resolution to only make my clothes this year from all the vintage fabrics/garments that are not getting in any ‘press’ from sitting in my closet!



OK, now lets move forward many many years later and I now live in paradise: California coastline to be exact and I love to ride my bike, and be outdoors as much as possible. Which brings me to my ‘default outfit’: cute t-shirts and vintage-like Boardshorts. Always looking for the perfect vintage Boardshorts at my list of thrift stores that still carry Sewing Notions and such but no such pattern and so I have to come to the realization I need to make my own pattern, which I did!






I have collected quite a few vintage patchwork maxi skirts over the years, and I buy them because I love them! Some I wear and would never get a pair of scissors within 10 feet but others, well, lets just say, they don’t quite fit but the design is to die for! I finally decided my love a boardshorts and patchwork vintage skirts is a must-do-design project for me, Aunt Bucky!



So the boardshorts, I must say, turned out very ‘Holly Hobbie’ like, which is a good thing (see pic above). Infact, I was wearing them the other day and a woman stopped in her track and said in a british accent, “Oh, I love your ‘Holly Hobbie‘ Shorts!” WOW, she just made my day because I love these Boardshorts and they are named Holly Hobbie’ shorts!

I guess my love for patchwork is a never-ending-love-story for me, Aunt Bucky. Many of our designs in the shop have a vintage-like-patchwork design goin’ on and that’s okay by me.



Our beautiful collection of Aunt Bucky modern-vintage-like quilts (shown above: Aunt Bucky ‘Frog Buddies’ Modern Vintage Quilt) have the love of patchwork written all over them and they are now available in our shop at 50%OFF! Don’t miss out because our Aunt Bucky goods go fast!

-made with love Aunt Bucky

Aunt Bucky


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