Election Day 2014: Vote 4 yr kid!

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Election day 2014: vote 4 yr Kid

  Election day 2014: vote 4 yr Kid! A wonderful day today in the USA! Election Day! Vote for yourself and your little one! Teach the little ones’ the power of voting! It’s a great day today to show your little one the power of ‪voting! Rock the Vote! –Aunt Bucky

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Happy Halloween from Aunt Bucky!

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Aunt Bucky LOVES Halloween and wanted to share some of the costumes her team made this year for 2014 Halloween Friday Fun! We made ‘Oscar the Grouch’ this year and it turned out too cute! Last minute costumes can be tough to make look good but remember to think ‘outside the box’! Bathroom rugs like […]

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I want to live in the Netherlands!

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Okay, so yesterday while going through my Facebook feed I came across the most beautiful image: a cute little hand snatching up a piece of toast loaded with chocolate shavings! I was so amazed by the pic and was blown away when I read this fantastic chocolate-toast treat was the standard breakfast meal for Dutch […]

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Get-To-Know-AuntBucky: Quilt Love

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Aunt Bucky loves quilts and she’s got quite the collection! But sometimes these vintage quilts are just calling out to be ‘REPURPOSED/UPCYCLED’ and Aunt Bucky listens! Her current handmade project is an old pinwheels quilt she had that she repurposed into a cool pair of boardshorts, just in time for Santa Cruz Summer Days!   […]

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Get-To-Know-AuntBucky: Patchwork-Vintage-Love

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  As far back as I can remember, I have loved patchwork projects. Look at me here, holding my one-of-a-kind patchwork homemade cherry pie! I made it using food coloring liquids and my paintbrushes. Little did I know my love for patchwork would evolve to AuntBucky.com and my 2014 New Years Resolution to only make […]

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