Small + Proud
We’re small, and proud of it. Aunt Bucky is just two sisters, Rebecca + Whitney, and we like it that way.

Aunt Bucky is a partnership started in 2008 between us, we decided to apply our diverse professional experiences in Art Therapy, Architecture and Graphic Design to our lifelong hobby of sewing and passion for making things.

The defining moment to share our creations came after the birth of Whitney’s daughter. Rebecca, or ‘Aunt Bucky’ as she I’m known, and my sister, Whitney began making all sorts of goodies for the little wee one after finding the available options either too commercial or too adult, and often poorly made and too expensive.

Tapping into our affection for vintage fabrics, mid-century design and bold color we have created baby/kid bedding, home decor, and apparel that stimulate a baby’s development while also celebrating the fun and boundless imagination of childhood.

Inspired by our grandmother who made everything from dolls to formal gowns for family members, many of which have been saved as family heirlooms, we strive to make each piece a story that hopefully will become a family keepsake for you and yours.

Rebecca + Whitney 
Founders of Aunt Bucky


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